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LW42B63MT 63A adjustive interlock cam switch

1.Protection level IP65


3.Complete varieties

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Quick Details

Place of origin:shanghai chiina Brand name:Tayee Model number: LW42B63MT
Max current:63A Max voltage:690V Mounting :rail installation
Housing material :Nylon 66 Flame retardant:V0 Protection level:IP65

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Carton

Delivery Detail: one week


LW42B63MT 63A adjustive interlock cam switch

1.Protection level IP65


3.Complete varieties

4.Mechanical life is long

LW42B100M 100A interlock cam switch

The LW42 cam/rotary switch is a multipurpose high-tech product with compact and reasonable structure, small volume and wide function adjustment. It is a domestic leading product, which was entiled as the key new product and high&new technology transformation project of Shanghai Municipality.

1. Safe and reliable, the safe touch design of the connection terminals can also be used to prevent the bolts from loosing, higher reliability from the double-break contact head on the connection point;

2. Easy assembly and disassembly, bolt mount, central mount, box mount, guide rail mount, etc. provided;

3. Flexible and highly efficient, literally unlimited connection point types including more than 900 commonly used, able to provide multiple solutions;

4. Complete varieties, selection switches of 10A, 20A, 25A,32A, and ON/OFF switches of 10A, 20A ,25A, 32A, 63A, 100A


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